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MovieScore Media: "Misha and the Wolves" music by Nick Foster

THE STORY: The dramatic tale of a woman whose holocaust memoir took the world by storm, but a fallout with her publisher – who turned detective – revealed an audacious deception created to hide a darker truth.

THE SCORE: “Misha and the Wolves is kind of a psychological thriller; a fairy tale where all is not as it seems. I wanted to create a sense of an incredible story being told through the filter of memory; of an epic journey with a hint of a fairy tale, but always with a hint of darkness, of a story with further layers to be revealed. It seemed right to feature traditional storytelling musical elements, but with the potential to twist and turn and subvert those elements as director Sam Hobkinson did with the story; orchestrator Ben Foster & I worked with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra to create rich warm strings that could turn glacial at a beat’s notice; and with clarinettist Ben Castle to make moody woodwind pads full of texture and physicality; all built on a bed of uneasy synth textures and tones.” – Nick Foster

THE COMPOSER: Nick Foster is a multiple BAFTA-winning composer, arranger and producer of music for television, commercials and film. Working both solo and in collaboration from Air Studios, London, Nick has made his name composing distinctive and emotive scores for television shows and feature films in the UK and US including Timewasters, Bounty Hunters, the Derren Brown specials (including the recent Netflix special, Sacrifice), The A List, Cuckoo, the Emmy-winning Hank Zipzer for the BBC, and the popular animated series, Thunderbirds Are Go, which Nick composes with brother Ben Foster, and for which they have been BAFTA, MAS and BAA-nominated.
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