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Lakeshore Records: "Beyblade: Beyblade Classics"

Lakeshore Records releases Beyblade: Beyblade Classics digitally today, November 12.  The various artists collection contains music from the classic, first generation of Beyblade, filled with nostalgic vibes from this world-renowned brand known for their innovative spinning top battles. The album features artists such as Jason Dean Bennison (later known as J.D. Fortune), Lucas Rossi, Anthony Vanderburgh and more.
Over 20 years ago, the BEYBLADE animated series was created by d-rights Inc. (now ADK Emotions Inc.) to support the toys and create an immersive world for fans. In 2001, the BEYBLADE franchise was introduced to the rest of the world with the first generation of the animated series, accompanied by hit songs produced by Nelvana, landing major broadcast deals. From there, it became an international hit – the show aired in over 80 countries around the world, with over 400 merchandise partnerships worldwide. BEYBLADE was on every toy list and awards roster and became the fascination of millions of children. Thousands of kids gathered to compete at the WBBA (World BEYBLADE Battle Association) championships at local, state and national levels, all competing for the elusive title of World Champion. The BEYBLADE franchise became a true global phenomenon that captured the essence of stimulating game play while introducing fans to an engaging world full of unforgettable characters. The brand continues to entertain newer as well as older generations of fans, with new innovative toys and exciting story developments!

ADK Emotions NY Inc., a New York-based subsidiary of ADK Emotions Inc., is a contents and rights management company specializing in bringing Japanese animated IP (“anime”) to the global market. From media placement and marketing to creative planning, localization, and merchandise licensing, we help partners navigate the complexities of global distribution to bring engaging anime titles to a new and expanding demographic. Learn more about us at
NELVANA is a global kids entertainment company focused on television and film animation production, distribution and merchandise licensing based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  One of world’s best animation studios and winner of multiple Emmy® Awards, Nelvana’s content can be seen in over 180 countries around the world. Nelvana earned 10 Canadian Screen Award Nominations in 2021 and won the 2021 Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award for Nelnet! The Hardy Boys was nominated for a Daytime Emmy® Award for Outstanding Young Adult Series. Esme & Roy was nominated for a Daytime Emmy® Award for Outstanding Preschool Children’s Animated Series.
Anthem Entertainment is comprised of a music publishing division, recorded music label, production music division, and a leading film and television audio-visual secondary rights (AVSR) management company. Anthem Entertainment operates offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Nashville, and Toronto with a team of approximately 200 dedicated industry professionals. We support artists, create content, and provide entertainment services around the world. As technology and entertainment evolve, we work hard to create and maximize opportunities for our talent and our clients. Our difference: an approach that combines the resources, power and reach of a major with the agility, entrepreneurism and soul of an indie.
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