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Lynda Carter is the epitome of the consummate entertainer—she’s made her mark reinventing the role of the superhero, appeared alongside the highest profile stars on television and on Broadway, was “the face” of a worldwide cosmetic company and even a singing character in a post-apocalyptic video game.  She’s also utilized her worldwide recognition as a celebrity and a performer to bring to light issues of female empowerment.  As a woman of mixed race, she has proudly shone a light on her Mexican heritage.  What many don’t know, is that since the age of 14, when Lynda’s career officially began, it was her singing and songwriting talent that shone through then and ever brighter to this day.  Three years after the release of her last album Red Rock N’Blues, Carter will share one of the most emotionally resonant songs of her career, “Human and Divine” which will be released in the striking new audio format Dolby Atmos by Green Hill Music digitally on October 29.  
Produced by her longtime record producer Kyle Lehning, the song is nothing less than an epic with themes of love, strength and inspiration in her life resonating throughout.  On the one hand, the song reflects the inspirational love of her husband, but it’s also a connection to strength and the love found in the powerful female characters in Wonder Woman.  From the first heartfelt verses, her unmistakable vocals burst out of the gate in a rich basso profundo and continue to anchor the ballad as it hits some truly heroic crescendos.  Also appearing on the song are opera star Soloman Howard and Tim Foust on backing vocals, Viktor Krauss on bass, Pat Coil on piano and Steve Brewster on drums.
Says Carter: “Music is in our souls, in our hearts, in our minds and in our bodies. We mark events with certain kinds of music, we attribute love to certain kinds of music. Writing this song, I felt extremely vulnerable and inspired.  That is where the human and the divine come together.
I started writing the song about my own love story with my husband, while I was in discussions about appearing in the Wonder Woman ’84 movie. As I was cast as Asteria in the movie, it became about the love between Steve and Diana, and then the love that some of us are so lucky enough to have in our lives, the great love stories over the ages.  My hope is that this song will inspire your connection to your own love in your life.”
Listen to “Human and Divine” here:
Best known for winning our hearts as TV’s Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter is an accomplished singer who  has performed to rave reviews before sell-out crowds around the world.  In addition to her long acting career, Lynda has the distinction of producing and starring in five highly rated network television specials for CBS, several of which were Emmy Award nominated.  She has appeared onstage with many of the world’s most popular performers including Tom Jones, Ray Charles, Kenny Rogers, George Benson and Ben Vereen.
Lynda made her professional singing debut at age 14 in Scottsdale, Arizona and after a short stint travelling on the road with bands, found herself in Hollywood and outdistanced hundreds of other actresses for the part of Wonder Woman, a character she infused with such depth and humor that it has become one of the most indelible characters in television history.  Her fame led her to becoming ‘the face’ of Maybelline Cosmetics, and she remained Maybelline’s top model for over a decade.  
But her roots remained with her music. “Singing is my soul.” says Lynda. “I was on the road performing in my teens and traveled from the Catskills to Las Vegas and from San Francisco to the saloons in Texas.”.  An engaging storyteller, she takes her audiences now on a journey where her life and story intertwine.
Though Lynda continued to act in films and television, when she had her children she left the road to raise her family.  She returned to live performing in 2005 appearing on the London stage with an acclaimed star turn as Matron Mama Morton in Chicago.  In 2007 Lynda began touring again in venues across the country with her band of Nashville All-Stars.  Lynda has brought her concerts to major theaters across the country including The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC and Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City.  Although she released an album Portraits in the ‘70s, she once again started recording and released her first new CD At Last  in 2010 which dropped at No. 6 on the Billboard charts. This was followed by Crazy Little Things in 2011 and Red, Rock n’ Blues in 2018.   In recent years she has starred as the character Magnolia in the Fallout 4 video game series, writing and performing original songs that were nominated for NAVGTR awards.  All of her music is available digitally wherever music is streamed and sold.
Lynda was seen in the CW hit series Supergirl as the President of the United States and reprised her original role in the film Super Troopers 2.  She also narrated the three-part series Epic Warrior Women for The Smithsonian Channel.  In 2016 she was presented with a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars and in 2018 was honored with her “Star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  2020 saw her special appearance in Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman ‘84.
Lynda is an avid supporter of many nonprofit organizations and causes for which she is well known:  The Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation and The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, The Coelho Center for Disability Law, Policy and Innovation, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, The ​​​Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, Glaad, and The Harry Potter Alliance.  Currently she is working with City of Hope and TGen to discover new drug therapies for myelofibrosis patients, and was just named to the Advisory Board of the Smithsonian American Women’s History Museum.
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