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DEATH GRIP: A movie for Kung-Fu lovers!

DEATH GRIP is a great example of what talented people can do with so very little. This is a kung-fu movie that mixes high velocity action scenes with imaginative sometimes funny character moments. This is a character driven story. It may not seem like much at first but give it about ten minutes. Things just get better and better. I think I discovered this movie on Twitch Film. There was a clip of two guys duking it out in high speed fashion. I was hooked. I couldn't believe this was a low budget film. It certainly didn't seem like it watching this fight unfold. These guys were fast and it really looked like they were hurting each other. I was getting worn out watching our hero go blow for blow with some guy with knives. That's not a big deal I guess. I get winded just sitting down and turning on the television.

The story is about Kenny (Eric Jacobus) and his brother Mark (played by Zach Galifianakis. Nah, I'm just messin with ya. He is actually played by a very talented Nathan Hoskins.) who get mixed up with some cult who want a silver coin that was paid to Judas for the betrayal of Christ. Cults are always fun to punch in the face. Mark is autistic but he is a genius with combinations and unlocking locks. It is that gift that gets him and his brother Kenny involved with a museum heist. The bad guys end up capturing Mark and a museum worker named Rindy played by Rebecca Ahn. What kind of name is Rindy? Maybe IMDB messed up the name. Rindy? Now Kenny has to go save them and punch the bad guys in the face very very hard.

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