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THE FP is a fun romp set in the near future where street gangs fight for "street cred" by versing each other in DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION. This is a comedy that takes the silly premise and plays it straight face. Its dry humor that is electrified by insane energetic performances and wildly creative (or not so depending on your definition of "creative") verbal slams. This is a genuinely funny movie. By the end I was left speechless. I am still unable to convey the words of how awesome this movie is. THE FP deceived me with the DANCE DANCE into thinking this was going to be an ultra modern hip film for the young kiddies of today. But no, this film is for the old bastards such as myself who love retro eighties films and hate the youth of today.Verbally intense THE FP never slows down. I don't remember a part where I suddenly lost interest and started thinking about all the people I hate wishing upon a star that something bad would happen to them. Thanks, THE FP for keeping me out of hell a little bit longer.

Btro is the leader of the 248s. He starts the movie by manning up and versing the leader of the 245s, L Dubba E in a game of DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION. That is how you throw down and gain street cred in the near future of Frazier Park. (That is what "FP" stands for. I just found that out by reading the back of the Blu-Ray) There to cheer him on is his close as a brother friend, Jtro. Suddenly during the epic battle of extreme feet prancing Btro up and dies losing the match and crushing the 248's respect, you know what I am sayin? Devastated Jtro leaves the 248 and vows never to DANCE DANCE ever again.

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