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Brother’s Keeper [2012] - Bill Brown

Brother’s Keeper [2012]
Available: July 10, 2012
Released By: Bill Brown Music
Composer: Bill Brown

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Set in the 1950's in the south, Brother’s Keeper is about two brothers and their journey together, and about how the courage to forgive can transform lives. In a cruel twist of fate-orchestrated by the town's most powerful family, their lives are forever altered. It encompasses the unbreakable bond between brothers as they battle for justice, freedom and retribution. The composer said, ”Brother's Keeper is just an incredible musical opportunity. The direction, sets, costumes, cinematography, editing, acting and more have all combined to create something honest and poetic.”

Bill Brown’s enthusiasm clearly shows in the musical score for the film, which is written for orchestra with elements of subtle electronic sound design and solo instruments such as cello, performed by the acclaimed Tina Guo who contributed stylistic elements to the score underlining the film’s setting. ”We were able to create a classic ’old west’ vibe in a contemporary musical setting using glissando cello lines which mimicked that raw ’fiddle’ sound you've heard in westerns so many times, but with a darker, bigger emotion to them,” said Bill Brown.

5/5 Dramatic, Rustic and Strong score.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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