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Toxic Zombie - InTOXICated [Ep]

InTOXICated [2012]
Band: Toxic Zombie
Available: Now

1. Freakshow 2. Dissapear 3. Run For Your Life

Run For Your Life is the single and we will be doing a music video for it as well!

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Crawling out of the nuclear waste that is popular music, Toxic Zombie in its short existence has quickly rose to become a staple in Portland's horror community. Realizing that it was not enough to write music that gave people a good hard punch in the teeth, Toxic Zombie has endeavored to excite people with a high energy live performance, exemplified by the two gorgeous back up singing/go go dancers. Taking their influences from Rock, Punk, Glam and old horror movies, there seems little doubt that Toxic Zombie will be entertaining and terrifying audiences for many years to come. When their collective hands rose from the ground, it was obvious to many people they played for that this was a unique group to say the least. As their popularity grew like an infection on a bite wound, the experiences they were offered became more and more exciting. Opening for such bands as the Misfits, Nekromantix, Genitorturers, Wednesday 13, Mad Sin, Creature Feature and L.A. Guns winning over fans from age 2 to 62. Toxic Zombie has also toured with the blue puzzle piece tattooed, freak-show himself "The Enigma". The Tour was also in support of their first full length record "Poison The Airwaves".
Self produced, Toxic Zombie recorded "Poison The Airwaves" at Black Diamond Studios in Portland, OR and mastered the album in L.A. with Capital Records. Toxic Zombie has also filmed a music video of for their song "Gypsy" directed by Tyler Benjamin of Cheezy Flicks Entertainment. Toxic Zombie recently recorded a new EP "InTOXICated" and are working on a new LP, both being produced and recorded by former White Zombie drummer Ivan de Prume. A new music video is also in the works for the near future.
Forsaking all worries about how people will react to them, Toxic Zombie is truly a band that can be highly appreciated both in music and show. Their thunderous drums, head splitting bass lines, screaming lead guitar, and haunting vocals will stimulate mind, body and soul. When heard or viewed it is obvious that they believe in what they are doing, and plan on doing so as long as they can. And judging by the rate in which their audiences multiplies, its safe to say that the living dead will walk the Earth for some time. They prove that Rock and Roll is not dead, no, Toxic Zombie proves that Rock and Roll is Undead......... BRAAAAAINS!!!!!!!!!!

Toxic Zombie:
Grimm Dizaster - Vocals / Guitar
Sam "Damn"  Dietz - Lead Guitar
Bryan "Smash" - Drums
Chad Shaver - Bass
Kelly Sparks - Back Up Vocals / Go Go Dancing
Dany Gray - Back Up Vocals / Go Go Dancing

5/5 who does not love singing zombies and go-go girls?
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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