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Six Strings with... Ilan Eshkeri

I wanted to thank Ilan for his time and it is always... always a pleasure to meet such talented people in the music and art... thank you again!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

- How did you get started in the field of music and how did that lead you to composing?
Ilan Eshkeri: I learned violin as a child and guitar as a teenager. I wanted to be in a band but mostly I just wanted to work in the music business because I thought it would be easy. At 19 I began interning for composer Ed Sheamur and quickly learned that there is no easy way to make it in the music business.

- Please tell us your latest score release “Coriolanus” with your inspiration, getting involved, best parts of being involved, interesting stories you can share and how much musical freedom did you have?
Ilan Eshkeri: Ralph wanted an extremely minimal amount of music so I needed to find ways to introduce musical ideas and instruments in a minimal way but that still supported the film. Right at the start I suggested a trumpet because Coriolanus is a military man. i quickly had to add that the trumpet would never play a melody. I just wanted a single note. The essence of trumpet, in the score. Ralph liked that idea so we went about writing the score literally one trumpet note at a time. Every part of the score is written in this way… minimalist and avant-garde.

- If you work with other composers, whom do you work with and what is the best part of your contributions?
Ilan Eshkeri: Recently I worked with the rock and roll star Tim Wheeler, front man from the band Ash on the score for a film coincidentally called Ashes. It was a really fun and successful collaboration, so much so that we're repeating it on the upcoming film, Spike Island.

- Who inspires you musically and whom do you listen to?
Ilan Eshkeri: At the moment in film music I'm inspired by Elliot Goldenthal. And in pop music I'm inspired by alt-J who I'm listening to a lot at the moment.

- Out of all your released work, which gives you the best feeling of accomplishment?
Ilan Eshkeri: Stardust and The Young Victoria

- Walk us throughout a typical day?
Ilan Eshkeri: There is no typical day in my life!

- Bonus: You can ask me a question or tell us something you would like us to know about you or anything you want?
Ilan Eshkeri: I'm currently composing a classical commission for an exhibition and concert at the Louvre in Paris. I'm really excited about this piece of work.
Ilan Eshkeri is a British composer best known for his film scores to Stardust, The Young Victoria and Kick-Ass, as well as his collaborations with Coldplay, Annie Lennox and Take That.

His career is notable for its diversity; recently he scored Ralph Fiennes' Shakespearean directorial debut Coriolanus, Rowan Atkinson's comedy caper Johnny English Reborn, collaborated with electronic music legend Amon Tobin on a live performance of his work, and was commissioned to write for the world renown pianist Lang Lang.

Early in his career Eshkeri composed the score to the cult british gangster film Layer Cake, which earned him a nomination for 'Discovery of the Year' at the World Soundtrack Awards. His score to Stardust won the International Film Music Critics Association award for 'Best Original Score'. Eshkeri's soundtrack to The Young Victoria topped the classical music charts for several weeks and received a nomination at the Ivor Novello awards. Eshkeri has also been nominated for three world soundtrack awards.

Eshkeri's collaborations with bands and solo artists include arrangements of Annie Lennox's best known songs for her concert with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, arranging for David Gilmour on his latest album On An Island, and co-writing with The Cinematic Orchestra and Tim Wheeler from Ash. He also wrote the song Only You for Sinead O'Connor and worked with Take That on the film Stardust.

Born in London into a musical family, Eshkeri grew up playing the violin and guitar. He studied Music and English Literature at Leeds University, later learning the art of film composition by working closely with Michael Kamen, Edward Shearmur and Steve McLaughlin. He has a passion for performed music, and enjoys living and working in London where his compositions are played by some of the world's best musicians. 

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DEZMOND said...

love his work, especially THE YOUNG VICTORIA and CENTURION. CORIOLANUS was shot in my country, and the music was the better part of the film.