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Kronos Records: RED KROKODIL - Alexander Cimini

Red Krokodil portrays on the big screen the story of a Krokodil-addict that suddenly finds himself alone in post-nuclear city reminiscing of Chernobyl, whose physical decay caused by the massive intake of drugs develops parallel to that of his inner world.   This neorealist hallucinatory film by acclaimed visionary director Domiziano Cristopharo was inspired by an unpublished tale written by Francesco Scardone.

The music by Alexander Cimini is dreamy and melancholic, it's nightmarish, yet emanating hope and longing, a trip through the feelings of "Him" (as the main character is referred to), his reality and visions, his crumbling world and self.  Cimini transports us though the psyche and the visuals of the film with his beautiful and inspired music.  The CD also features the piece "Capuccetto6" by composer Gabriele Verdinelli.

In addition to the score of Red Krokodil the CD also features a bonus track composed by Cimini for Domiziano Christopharo's Hyde's Secret Nightmare, (also available from Kronos Records and composed by Kristian Sensini) which was not included on the Hyde's Secret Nightmare CD.

Both the score and the composers are a true discovery.   Not to miss!

Release date (CD): June 3, 2014
Samples/Pre-order: CLICK HERE!

As I find I am being introduced to a world of new composers everyday as we here at the Howlin' Wolf cover every day... well here is another score. It's beautiful, it's chilling and grabbing you in... holding you tight... go listen to those samples!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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