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MSM/Kronos: The Last Mentsch [2014] - Dürbeck and Dohmen

Coinciding with the film’s German premiere on May 8, 2014 MovieScore Media releases the moving original score for Der letzte Mentsch (The Last Mentsch) by the composer duo of DÜRBECK & DOHMEN.

The team originally started their musical career in a band, playing drums and the guitar respectively. After eight years, three albums, seven singles and 400+ gigs across Europe, the duo started their own enterprise of writing film scores using their own sample library (CINEMATIQUE INSTRUMENTS) to achieve a unique sound. Since then they have been writing scores for numerous films and documentaries. MovieScore Media had previously released the music for the duo’s gay-themed police drama entitled Freier Fall (2013) and we’re happy to have them with us on this movie as well.

Starring Mario Adorf (Die Blechtrommel) in the title role, Der letzte Mentsch tells the harrowing tale of Marcus Schwartz, an old man who has been hiding his real identity of Mena’hem Teitelbaum since the day had survived the horrors of Auschwitz. Now that he wants to get buried in a Jewish cemetery, Marcus must prove that one single thing he tried to deny for so many decades. On a journey to his roots back to Satu Mare (a town near the Hungarian-Romanian border), Marcus is accompanied by Gül (Katharina Derr), a young German girl of Turkish heritage, who, just like Marcus, tries to come to terms with her past...

”The score reflects the inner life of the main character, Marcus” explains co-composer René Dohmen. ”He is not only on a road trip but also his mind is transforming.” The music is picking up this inner journey. Even though the music takes elements from Jewish klezmer music, the sound still aims to be completely original and unique.” Characterized by a memorable violin solo for Markus ethnic heritage and morose, reflective passages for the memories of Nazi atrocities, Der letzte Mentsch manages to present a haunting, sometimes somber portrayal of survivor guilt. With the inclusion of Gül as a companion to Markus, the score also has several themes filled with youthful vigor as a new generation aims to define itself in terms of ethnic identity in post-reunification Germany.
CD EDITION: Kronos Records
DIGITAL: MovieScore Media
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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