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Movie Score Media/Kronos Records: TRANSIT - Christoph Zirngibl

Truck driver Martin (Clemens Schick) is almost being dismissed since he fails to deliver his load on schedule even though he already exceeds the driving time required by law. Martin is totally exhausted, but he needs the job. Carrier Roland (Andreas Hoppe) grudgingly gives him one last chance. At a motorway station, a young East European, Ramona (Annika Blendl), asks him to give her a ride. Martin doesn?t know yet that Ramona is a prostitute fleeing from her pimp (Bernd Michael Lade) who is closer on her heels than she thought.

TRANSIT depicts the odyssey of two people who must stand their ground in the strange "freeway" cosmos every day. Mobility has become their personal prison: Martin is confined to his truck and Ramona to a grubby caravan where she has to receive her clients. Surrounded by dreary solitude and marooned in a network of concreted lifelines, these two individuals are connected to each other by their fears and hopes.

Christoph Zirngibl's score is the perfect companion to both picture and drama.  It puts you there in Martin's truck, in Ramona's head and on the asphalt of the highway.  It's warm where it needs to be warm and cold when called for.  A very sensible, genuinely beautiful and evocative score.  This is our second release for young and promising German composer Christoph Zirngibl, a very respected and requested composer in his country and it is our honor and pleasure to "export" his name to the rest of the world.

The first 20 orders of the CD will be accompanied by a bonus DVD-R version of the score in 5.1 Dolby Mix (compatible with most consumer dvd players and home cinema systems).

Release date (CD):     June 3, 2014
Release date (digital): June 3, 2014
Samples/Pre-order: CLICK HERE!

Just Announced! I can tell you for the samples that I have got the pleasure to listen to, it's a very good listen... compelling and moving score!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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