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Olive Films: Ned Kelly, director Tony Richardson’s (Tom Jones, Joseph Andrews, Blue Sky) evocative period drama features Mick Jagger (Performance, Freejack), the charismatic lead singer of the Rolling Stones as the title character. In peaceful pursuit to live off of the land, but harassed by both the law and his neighbors, bushranger Ned Kelly eventually turns to a life of crime when his mother, (Clarissa Kaye, Salem’s Lot) unjustly accused of attempted murder, is sentenced to prison. The Outback outlaw, with a renegade gang at his side, will set out on a spree that will become part of Australian folklore in Ned Kelly. 

Ned Kelly features supporting performances by Mark McManus (Two Thousand Weeks), Allen Bickford (It Takes All Kinds, The Killing of Angel Street), Nigel Lovoll (Wherever She Goes, The Ambitious One) and Robert Bruning (The Intruders, Sunday Too Far Away) in a film written by John Michael McDonagh based on the novel Our Sunshine written by Robert Drewe.

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