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Lakeshore Records: "ASSASSINATION NATION" Music by Ian Hultquist

High school senior Lily and her three best friends live in a world of selfies, emojis, snaps and sexts. But when their town of Salem is besieged by a massive data hack, resulting in half the citizens’ private info spewed into the public view, the community descends into anarchy. Lily is targeted after being falsely blamed for the hack—and bands together with her friends to survive a long, blood-soaked night.

When it came to the score, director Sam Levinson faithfully asked Ian to deliver the unexpected, to match the film. “We had a big breakthrough when Ian started chopping and screwing up the tracks, focusing on the hi-hats and a percussive quality. Ian would send over tracks and I’d slow them down and play them backwards and send it back to him to show him how crazy I wanted it. Then we brought in Isabella Summers from Florence + the Machine to do some original music. That opened up the floodgates even more,” says Levinson.

Ian on creating the sound: “It was definitely an interesting challenge, and it became a pretty long process of exploring different ideas to find the right tones. I experimented with a wide spectrum of genres including ambient, Western, thriller, horror, trap, and delicate orchestra. It was pretty wild! In the end, I think there is an influence of all of those in the music, much like America is an influence of so many other cultures.” 

About Ian Hultquist: Born in San Diego, raised in Chicago, Ian developed an intense passion for music and film from a young age. He pursued this interest by attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA from which he received a degree in Film Scoring and Composition. Now, after years of touring as a founding member of the indie band Passion Pit, Ian continues to write music for film, commercials, and other musical projects from his studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Ian has found a niche working with a new class of ground-breaking directors, in both film & documentary. In 2017, his credits included Clinical (dir. Alistair Legrand, Netflix), Mommy Dead & Dearest (dir. Erin Lee Carr, HBO) and Bronx Gothic (dir. Andrew Rossi, Grasshopper Films). Most recently, Ian has scored Assassination Nation (dir. Sam Levinson, NEON/AGBO) & the recently released A-X-L (dir. Oliver Daly, Lakeshore/Global Road).
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