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Wellgo USA Entertainment: "ABIGAIL" [BLU-RAY/DVD] and the GIVEAWAY!

Eddie Marsan (Atomic Blonde, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, “Ray Donovan”) stars in the steampunk fantasy adventure ABIGAIL, debuting on digital, Blu-ray and DVD March 17 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Abigail’s town has been closed for years due to a mysterious epidemic that caused most of the people in town to be taken away, including Abigail’s father. When Abby discovers her father could still be alive, she sets out on a journey that will completely overturn everything she thought she knew about the world, her family and herself. Director Set in a cutting-edge magical world, Director Aleksandr Boguslavskiy (Beyond the Edge) has created a film in the vein of The Darkest Minds and Alita that also stars Tinatin Dalakishvili (Star) in the title role and Rinal Mukhametov (The Three Musketeers).

When townspeople start dying from a mysterious illness, Abigail’s town closes itself off from the outside world and takes away everyone infected with the disease, including Abigail’s beloved father, to be executed. Ten years later, as she’s trying to escape the town’s security forces, Abby uncovers a shocking truth - her father may still be alive. Filled with danger and discoveries, Abby sets out on a magical steampunk adventure that overturns everything she once knew about the world, her family and even herself.
Another winning film, looks stunning and would you like to get on the list to win a copy? Well email me and answer this question after watching the trailer [CLICK HERE]... Who are they really?
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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