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Notefornote Music: "TITO AND THE BIRDS" by Ruben Feffer and Gustavo Kurlat

These are many of the glowing reviews for both the film and the score by Ruben Feffer and Gustavo Kurlat.  Notefornote Music is proud to be releasing this score as part of our expansive catalog of releases from talented up and coming composers who are opening eyes (and ears) around the world.  Tito And The Birds is the highly acclaimed animated film from Brazil.  The film features what one reviewer called a "Hans Zimmer-esque" original score composed by Gustavo Kurlat and Ruben Feffer (2016 Oscar nominee for best animated feature Boy and the World). []

Starting with some serious musical tones that builds into a strong piece of music and score. It holds your attention, as it stays grounded and never straying from a solid enjoyable score from the composers Ruben Feffer and Gustavo Kurlat. Nice Job!
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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