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On Friday July 24th, Midnight Movie Society will be hosting a Kast watch party for the brutal, psycho-sexual horror thriller THE STREETS RUN RED, featuring cult legend Tony Moran and currently streaming exclusively on Midnight Movie Society.

Viewers will need a Kast account, which is free, to join the watch party HERE at 8 PM EST.

THE STREETS RUN RED tells the story of a an aging detective and his partner tirelessly pursuing a gruesome, psycho-sexual serial murderer named the Kubrick Killer. When the maniac falls right into their laps without them realizing it, fact and fiction begin to blur for the three men whose senses of reality seem less and less certain.

THE STREETS RUN RED is the creation of cult horror director Paul McAlarney (Honky Holocaust, Gay Jesus, The Ungovernable Force). The film stars scream queen Suzi Lorraine (The Erotic Time Machine, Satan's Schoolgirls, Sea Of Dust) and cult legend Tony Moran (the original Michael Myers from Halloween).

Film Threat says, "If you're going to watch, you will need a strong stomach and/or an utter contempt for your fellow humans" and Rue Morgue describes it as "a serial killer film that raises the bar on gore and offensiveness."

Last September, MVD and Rue Morgue launched Midnight Movie Society, a curated Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) service specializing in Extreme Underground, Taboo and Cult Horror movies. This gave genre fans access to a film library of shocking underground, outrageous gore, creature features, cult classics, and traditional horror.

Adrianna Gober, Director of Programming for Midnight Movie Society explained: "As larger streaming platforms continue to crack down on content, there's an urgent need to create a space for boundary-pushing films unencumbered by strangling content restrictions."

From now until July 31st, Midnight Movie Society is giving away two (2) FREE discs (Blu-ray or DVD) with the purchase of one (1) yearly subscription. See for more details.

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