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Notefornote Music: "OPEN 24 HOURS" and "DARK LIGHT" by Holly Amber Church

"OPEN 24 HOURS"... The movie features music by Composer Holly Amber Church. The score is dark, moody and intense. At its core is a haunting, somber theme for Mary, the film's protagonist, while swirling around it is a blend of gritty electronic elements and distorted neon sounds to reflect the chaos that Mary finds herself in as she struggles to survive her first shift working at an all-night gas station. 

"DARK LIGHT"... Dark Light tells the story of Annie Knox who, following a split from her husband, the death of her mother and a nervous breakdown returns to her remote family home with her young daughter Emily.  Soon Annie must take on a thought-to-be extinct humanoid race whose need to feast on human inner light makes them a very dangerous nemesis indeed.


This composer knows how to scare us, but too gives the listener a level of passion and concerns of what is behind that door. Bam! Dropping the spooky inter-weaved ready to kick our butts, so you never forget that it's a roller-coaster of fright.  I am listening to "OPEN 24 HOURS" as I am writing this, it's a really great score and it will be on my list of tops for 2020. The other is "DARK LIGHT" it find its way into a dark place and just like I have mentioned... pretty damn scary.
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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