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Silva Screen Records: "I AM VENGENCE" music by Greenhaus

In the style of Cannon films of the 80’s, starring Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson, I Am Vengeance is an action-packed roller coaster ride. The movie is a show piece for the rising star Stu Bennett (formerly of WWE fame as Wade Barrett).

Combining synthetic and organic soundscapes, Greenhaus' score perfectly fits the genre. From New Wave and Electro to Post Punk and ambient, Greenhaus move seamlessly from tender to terrifying, graceful to jarring.

The band immediately clicked with Director Ross Boyask and Producers John Adams and Diane Shorthouse on the direction the music could take.

Director Ross Boyask says: “Greenhaus have created a bold, innovative, timeless score, blending pulsating, sometimes haunting synth sounds with acoustic instrumentation and ambient soundscapes that help drive I Am Vengeance and our anti-hero John Gold, along on his mission, and I can't wait for you to hear (and see) the results.”

Greenhaus are Steve Bellamy, Anthony Neale, Warren Farr and Ian Medany.
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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