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Perseverance Records: "‘TIL KINGDOM COME" music by Miriam Cutler

Perseverance Records is thrilled to announce today’s digital release of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Emmy Award-winning Israeli documentarian Maya Zinshtein’s latest film ‘Til Kingdom Come. The album features an original score written and produced by three-time Emmy Award-nominated composer Miriam Cutler (RBG, Love, Gilda). The soundtrack is available for streaming and purchase today, December 11, on all major platforms.
‘Til Kingdom Come is an informative investigation into improbable and dangerous links between Israel and American evangelical Christian groups. The documentary has been featured in various festivals, including: DocAviv, Chicago International Film Festival, Denver Film Festival, Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival, DOC NYC, and International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. A theatrical release and television broadcast of the documentary is slated for early 2021.
“When I was contacted by the filmmakers of ‘Til Kingdom Come and they shared the narrative, my head almost exploded. Like many Americans, I’ve been perplexed as to why the religious right has so fervently embraced such an obviously indecent president. This film connects the dots about a very unholy alliance between global evangelicals, Trump, and Netanyahu. I got my start in horror movies, and it came in handy whilst scoring this harrowing documentary. Spoiler alert, there are no heroes in this sordid tale of willful ignorance, self-dealing and abuse of power,” says Miriam Cutler.
“As for the sound of the score, my notes from director Maya Zinshtein were to create an unsettling mood that runs as an undercurrent, while the film itself is fairly objective. I love creating subtle turbulence with rhythmic string patterns and chamber instrumentation—I had so much fun,” adds Cutler.

Pastors encourage an impoverished Kentucky community, “The forgotten people of America,” to donate to Israel in anticipation of Jesus’s impending return. The film exposes the controversial bond between Evangelicals and Jews in a story of faith, power, and money, revealing how Trump’s America is led by an End-Times apocalyptic countdown.
Three-time Emmy nominated composer, Miriam Cutler has an extensive background in scoring for independent film & TV projects, as well as two circuses. In June 2013, Miriam joined the Documentary Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and currently serves on the Branch Executive Committee. She has also been Composer in Residence at Columbia College of the Arts, taught a semester at California Institute of the Arts, and overseas at the Hollywood Music Workshop in Vienna. She’s presented workshops at USC, UCLA, Chapman College, Berklee College of Music and internationally in Iceland, Borneo, Georgia, Austria, Spain, Germany.
Cutler wrote the scores for RBG and Dark Money which both premiered at Sundance 2017 and Love, Gilda which premiered at Tribeca 2018. All three films had theatrical releases with RBG garnering box office as one of the highest earning documentaries ever. In 2019, Miriam received Primetime Emmy nominations for scores for RBG and Love, Gilda. Other highlights include BAFTA nominated Lost in La Mancha, Emmy winners One Last Hug, Vito, Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, Sundance Special Doc Jury Prize winners American Promise and License to Kill, and the Oscar-nominated shorts Poster Girl and Kings Point. Recent releases include ‘Til Kingdom Come, Flannery, The Dilemma of Desire, Not Carol, Emily on the Edge of Chaos, and festival favorite, Gloria’s Call.
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