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Scissors: "PRINCESS OF THE ROW" music by Julian Scherle

Independent label Scissors will digitally release the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the indie festival favorite Princess of the Row, from Executive Producers Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary. The original score is by up-and-coming composer Julian Scherle. The album is available and will be released on Friday, November 27, in conjunction with the film’s theatrical and On Demand release.
Princess of the Row is the inspiring tale of a runaway foster child who will stop at nothing to live with the only family she knows: her homeless, mentally-ill veteran father who lives on the streets of LA’s skid row. The film has received critical praise from its festival runs, and Scherle’s score is no exception:
Regarding Scherle’s inspiration for the score, it all started with the simple question: “How would I make music if I were homeless, living on Skid Row, with no access to ‘conventional’ instruments?”
“Based on that idea, the vast majority of the score was created by using instruments I built from trash found around Downtown Los Angeles. These unusual ‘instruments’ included a shopping cart played with a violin bow, various pots with mounted strings (think ukulele) played with a guitar pick, and an array of bowed metallic rods, that were soldered on a metal plate,” he added.

“The sound that derived from these unusual instruments was used to represent the real-life grit of Skid Row as a direct contrast to the more traditional instruments. The latter was used to represent the fantastical bond between the father and daughter, from the daughter’s innocent, un-corrupted perspective.”

“In addition, all vocals and body percussion were performed by members of the Urban Voices Project, an organization composed of artists and performers from the Skid Row neighborhood in Downtown Los Angeles” says Scherle.
Julian Scherle is a German-raised, Los Angeles-based composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer.
Classically trained from the age of six, Julian has developed a wide stylistic background with an expertise in unusual artistic approaches. His music can be heard in numerous projects covering a variety of media formats such as feature films, documentaries, TV series, and video games.
Julian’s theatrical credits include the 2018 FIPRESCI Award-winning drama Pause directed by Tonia Mishiali and the feature film Hudson directed by Sean D. Cummingham. His 2020 film projects include: the revenge thriller Disrupted directed by Andre Welsh, the upcoming Alt Space directed by Cody Kussoy, and the emotional drama feature Princess of the Row directed by Max Carlson & produced by Morgan Freeman. The Independent Critic says, “Julian Scherle's original score for Princess of the Row bathes the film in realism meets fantasy, capturing all the right moments of grit and wonder, truth and love.” Scherle is currently scoring the drama feature Swing, directed by Michael Mailer and starring Michael Shannon and Alexander Ludwig.
Julian has also written music for many hit cable TV shows including the critically acclaimed series Mr. Robot (USA Network), Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story (FX Network), American Crime Story: People vs. OJ (FX Network), and Scream Queens (FOX).
Scherle has earned numerous accolades for his work, including a Best Film Score nomination for Princess of the Row at the Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Competition in 2019, a Best Music Jury Prize at London Fashion Film Festival in 2014, and received the Visual Music Award (a prestigious German award for audio-visual work) in 2011.
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