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Sony Music: "CANNON BUSTERS" music by Bradley Denniston

Sony Music today releases CANNON BUSTERS (NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK), an album of music from Netflix’s original anime series from animation creator, producer & director LeSean Thomas (Black Dynamite, The Legend of Korra, The Boondocks).  Available everywhere now, the album features score music written by producer, engineer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Bradley Denniston as well as vocal tracks performed by rapper Marty Grimes and R&B singer-songwriters BJRNCK and Mansa Imani.  Cannon Busters is available to watch exclusively on Netflix now.

Of the soundtrack, composer BRADLEY DENNISTON says, “When my friend LeSean hit me up about Cannon Busters, the anime series he was funding through Kickstarter, it was a no-brainer – I'm in!  LeSean is a creative genius who instantly pulled the most eclectic group of creatives together; and from the beginning of character design, sketches, colors and textures, my team here at Radium and I got right to work on creating the sound of this insanely fun world that is Cannon Busters! Honestly, LeSean could've hit up anyone in the world to do the music for this show, so I'm extremely honored and grateful that he even thought of me!"

Reflecting the frenetic action of the series and the expansive scope of its story, composer Bradley Denniston’s score is supplemented by three original vocal tracks also written by the creative multi-hyphenate and available now for the first time on DSPs. Already a fan-favorite, the opening theme song “Showdown” hinges on the interplay of rapper Marty Grimes’ verses and BJNRCK’s R&B-tinged vocals.  Gizmodo described the track as a “chill, R&B/ska number that transitions into an energetic, soulful, and literally-chorus-backed-chorus,” before dubbing it “straight fire. A Jam. A veritable banger, if you will.”  Other highlights include ending theme “Regardless” featuring R&B songstress Mansa Imani and “Bad Guy,” an upbeat pop number from Marty Grimes and Mansa Imani – listen here.

Cannon Busters explore the fantastic land of Gearbolt, as audiences follow a motley crew of travelers on an unforgettable journey to reunite 2 best friends. S.A.M. is a high-end, friendship robot determined to reunite with her best friend Kelby, the missing heir to her Kingdom under siege. Casey Turnbuckle is an out-dated, spunky grease-monkey repair robot, looking for an upgrade. Philly the Kid is a wanted, immortal fugitive just looking for a chance to shake them. Along for the ride is the greatest swordsman never known and an oversized Cadillac Eldorado that transforms into a sentient, giant robot. On their own, they're a lost cause. Together, they're the hippest group of travelers in action-fantasy.
Bradley Denniston is a platinum selling music producer, engineer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist based out of Los Angeles California. He has worked on blockbuster movies, totaling many billions of dollars in box office sales and with platinum selling artists that include The Lonely Island, Gotye, Tegan and Sara, and G-Eazy.

Working as the head engineer, composer, and music producer for Mark Mothersbaugh at Mutato Muzika for 5 years, Bradley has worked on Grammy, Oscar and Emmy Award Nominated films, TV and commercials. He has most recently produced and composed original music for the Netflix original series: Abstract: The Art of Design and for the Netflix Original Anime series; Cannon Busters from Boondock's producer, LeSean Thomas. He continues to work on major motion picture releases, television series, and albums with recording artists under his own company, Radium Media.
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