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Hollywood Records: "EARTH MOODS" music by Neil Davidge

Music from Earth Moods Original Soundtrack from National Geographic's five-part series for Disney+, featuring score composed and produced by Neil Davidge ("Britannia," Massive Attack), is available today from Hollywood Records/Disney Music Group.

"Earth Moods" takes viewers on the ultimate retreat-transporting them to a vast array of colorful and calming corners of the world. Viewers travel to blue glaciers, arid deserts, lush rainforests and pulsating metropolises to escape from the cacophony of everyday life. Each "mood" gives the audience an opportunity to relax and reset as the sound of music and the natural world washes over them.

Commenting on the project, Davidge said, "There's an authenticity about the creation of the music and that it really does come from the heart because in this series, you don't have the narration or animals on screen to pull you in, so this emotional connection is purely coming from the visuals that you see and the music that you hear."

On the score, Davidge added, "The filmmakers were keen for each episode to have its own voice, so I had to assume different personalities as I was working on them.  The choice of instruments is very important in terms of fitting with the various environments, as it dictated the way music would sound.  When you're seeing, images of cities at night with all the lights, you do start thinking of hip-hop beats. For ice, we did a lot of orchestral work, and there are glassy pads and sounds that are used.  For the tropical landscapes I used tenor steel drums. I enjoyed taking some of these instruments and trying to play them in a way that wasn't typical, touching on some of the musical genres, like samba.   'Earth Moods' is one of the most enjoyable projects I've worked on in all my 30 years of making music professionally."

All five episodes from the Disney+ original series "Earth Moods," from National Geographic, are now available for streaming. The trailer from the series can be seen here:

Neil Davidge discusses his "Earth Moods" score in a new episode of Disney's For Scores podcast series, available wherever podcasts are enjoyed.  For more music inspired by nature, listen to the Disney Celebrates Earth Day playlist here.
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