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MovieScore Media travels to the islands of Thailand with Death of Me, the latest film directed by by contemporary cult horror icon Darren Lynn Bousman (writer/director of Saw II and Repo! The Genetic Opera). In Death of Me, Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth play Christine and Neil, a couple vacationing in Thailand whose trip takes a dark turn when they must discover the mystery behind a strange video that shows one of them killing the other. The strange hunt for answers is underscored by the ominous, ethnically-charged horror score by Mark Sayfritz, featuring extensive vocal work by Thai singer Yanin Bandhaya.

“When director Darren Lynn Bousman reached out for my alternate vision of what a horror/thriller film set in the Thai islands might sound like, I plunged into a world of counterpoint between deep atmospheric synthesizers, tribal percussion and beautiful ethereal vocals of a Thai singer,” explains composer Mark Sayfritz. “With limited scoring time available this unique marriage of soundscapes got the production’s approval and Darren gave me a blank canvas.”

Inspired by its exotic setting and a supernatural narrative Mark sought to create something that felt dark yet beautiful, hypnotic but ominous. The resulting score is an extraordinary fusion of Avant-garde electronica and morphed tribal percussion with the eerie vulnerability of the naked female voice. It’s a unique-sounding score that has struck a chord with fans of the film, as the composer said he’s received hundreds of fan emails requesting a commercial release of the music.

In a journey from record producer & in-house writer for Jive records, to recording artist signed to Heavenly/EMI records Mark Sayfritz had a broad palette of experience to craft from when it came to his film music career. His recent credit include Snatch, a 10-part series based on Guy Ritchie’s film of the same name, and more projects by Darren Lynn Bousman, including Abattoir and the female driven nunsploitation horror St. Agatha. In terms of concert music, Mark recently premiered his symphony Sound of Light inspired by the northern lights & composed in collaboration with Artificial intelligence at Brahms Saal, Musikverein, Vienna.
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