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MovieScore Media’s latest addition to its Discovery Collection series is the 1995 cult sci-fi Space Truckers, directed by Stuart Gordon (1947-2020) to whose memory this world premiere release is dedicated. Following his success with Fortress, Space Truckers featured one of Gordon’s largest budgets that allowed him to realize a down-and-dirty space road movie. The film tells the story of independent space trucker John Canyon (Dennis Hopper), his reluctant waitress-turned-bride Cindy (Debi Mazar) and up-and-coming company trucker Mike (Stephen Dorff) who carry a shipment of sex dolls which turn out to be quite deadly, especially in the hands of space pirate Captain Macanudo (Charles Dance). MovieScore Media has produced the album and will release it via download and streaming, and has sub-licensed rights to release on CD via Quartet Records and on vinyl via Svart Records.

Tagging along the ride was English composer Colin Towns who remembers the project like this: "Discussing the score with Stuart Gordon, it was clear that for his movie he wanted a big orchestral sound plus sound design. As he said at that time, no-one had made a comedy space movie. But this film is full of fun and country & western music seeps in and out of it. Madness prevails in some parts of the score and the romantic love scene with Charles Dance needed class with the great Phil Todd playing the saxophone. Recording with the Munich Symphony Orchestra, I put on my best ‘country and western’ head and added the piano/ keyboards and sound design in my studio back in the UK. I’d always wanted to write a score for a space movie and Stuart Gordon made my wish come true."

A former keyboardist of the Ian Gillan Band, Colin Towns started film scoring with the 1977 supernatural thriller Full Circle, starring Mia Farrow. On British television his best-know credits are BBC crime procedural comedy Pie in the Sky (1994) starring Richard Griffiths, the Medieval mystery Cadfael (1994) with Derek Jacobi in the title role and of course ITV's still-running hit series Doc Martin (2004) starring Martin Clunes. His feature credits include such cult movies as Nicolas Cage's Vampire's Kiss (1988), Crimson Rivers II: Angels of the Apocalypse (2004) and of course Space Truckers.

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