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Sasquatch follows investigative journalist David Holthouse as he attempts to solve a bizarre twenty-five year old triple homicide of three cannabis growers in the woods of Mendocino County - a tragedy which was said to be the work of a mythical creature. Executive produced by Jay & Mark Duplass and directed Joshua Rofé’s Sasquatch mixes elements of true crime suspense with the ever so popular theme of monster hunting, all set to the stylish and moody score of H. Scott Salinas.

“At its core, Sasquatch is about the unknown and how mankind’s innate fear of what creature might be lurking around the corner at any given moment plays into larger tropes in our society,” explains composer H. Scott Salinas. “The goal of the score was to take the viewer to that uncomfortable place where you are deep in the forest and it’s getting dark soon and you suddenly don’t want to be there anymore. Every sound in the score was carefully curated to have an unnerving quality - percussion made out of leaves being crushed underfoot, a distant and distorted organ, strings slowed down and warbled, pianos played through guitar amps and recorded down a long hallway, The main thematic thrust is an inevitable and prodding chord progression that keeps you on your toes but never really resolves and contains just a hint of backwoods mountain flavors with low and deliberate echos of bluegrass twang.”

Award-winning composer, H. Scott Salinas has contributed towards a variety of divergent projects including Bruce Lee action fable Birth of the Dragon, Aaron Sorkin's smash hit The Newsroom, and the Academy Award nominated documentary Cartel Land. In 2002, Scott became the youngest Grand Prize recipient of the Turner Classic Movies Young Film Composers Competition by scoring the 1928 movie Laugh, Clown, Laugh. His most recent credits include include the heist thriller score for The Banker starring Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackey as well as Baghdad Central a film noir detective thriller set in Baghdad during the U.S. occupation in the early 2000’s.

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