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Naxos Recordings: "I Will Build You A House" music by Andreas Ihlebæk

Naxos Recordings is excited to announce the release of the I Will Build You A House composed by Andreas Ihlebæk. This digital release is now available on all streaming platforms.
Andreas’ story has an impressive and deeper dimension due to his rise coming from having lost almost a decade of his life due to illness. In Andreas Ihlebæk you are hearing a pianist who has spent years in uncertainty, not knowing whether he would survive – or ever be able to play the piano again. It’s a story of refusing to give up, and patiently working himself back up from zero. When you listen to the piano pieces on his new album, I Will Build You A House, these are the melodies of someone who knows the harshness of reality, while maintaining a head full of gratitude and wonder. It’s the sound of life and music flowing intrinsically together.

Since his return to music, Andreas Ihlebæk has become one of the most internationally critically acclaimed Norwegian composers and pianists. His solo debut The Guest (2017) was immediately declared a genre- and mind-bending masterpiece in Europe’s biggest newspaper (Bild), a level of praise which was unanimously repeated by European music magazines and media outlets across the genre spectrum. Ihlebæk went on to sign with Naxos, who released his second album Northern Lullabies in 2020, to great critical acclaim and a nomination for the Norwegian Grammy Spellemannprisen. In the lead-up to his now third album I Will Build You A House, all of seven singles have been playlisted by Apple, Spotify, Tidal and Amazon for their global modern classical playlists. Through the last year he has continuously been one of the globally most played composers of classical songs.
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