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MovieScore Media: "THE AFFAIR" music by Antoni Komasa-Lazarkiewicz

MovieScore Media’s once again dips into the world of Czech film-making with The Affair (also known as The Glass Room in certain markets). Directed by Julius Sevcík, the man behind the 12-time Czech Lion winning film A Prominent Patient, The Affair tells of two romantic triangles entwined with each other. When wealthy newlyweds Viktor (Claes Bang) and Liesel Landauer (Hanna Alström) move into the glass house built for them, relationships get entangled as Liesel’s friend Hana (Carice van Houten) starts nursing unrequited romantic feelings for her while Viktor is caught in the act with nanny Kata (Alexandra Borbély). When the couple flees to neutral Switzerland On the eve of Nazi invasion, Liesel must face her true feelings for Hana...

For composer Antoni Komasa-Lazarkiewicz, the location and the ideas associated with it proved to be a valuable inspiration: "In The Affair, the main tension is built between the timelessness of the main artifact: the house, a building with a personality of its own, and its ever changing inhabitants. The music needed a beating heart and a human soul. The first element was provided by the string orchestra, the second - by the sound of solo cello, played by my friend, the Virtuoso Karol Marianowski. I allowed myself to be very melodious and passionate, shattering the coldness of the Glass House."

Polish composer Antoni Komasa-Lazarkiewicz studied composition at the Academy of Music in Krakow, writing his first score for an Agnieszka Holland film in 2002's Julie Walking Home. Since then, he collaborated on most of the filmmaker's projects, including Copying Beethoven, Spoor (which won the Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize) and Mr Jones, which received a Golden Bear nomination at Berlinale 2019. Antoni’s own awards include the 2008 European Film Music Trophy Young Talent Award for Winterreise, the German Television Music Award for My Mother, My Bride and I. and an individual achievement award for his Filip Bajon’s The Butler and Adrian Panek’s Werewolf as part of the 43rd Polish Film Festival. His score for Agnieszka Holland’s five-times Czech Lions film, Charlatan has just been released by MovieScore Media. 

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