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The Bunker [2011] - Soundtrack

Howlin' Wolf Records Presents:

The Bunker
Composed By: Robert Feigenblatt
Released in 2011
Limited Edition: 1000

Intrada, Movie Music Store, Screen Archives Entertainment, and Tarantula Records.

As I sit listening to the score to "The Bunker" I am reminded classic 70's music to a horror movie on the edge of every corner that I have turned. Now understanding that the score has been released before the movie has come out, I am left to my own devices to what might happen next.  Normally you get a visual on the "what's next", so I drift into my head only imagining what the image from the cover of the cd might bring. So I hope when the film does get it's release at the end of the year, I can put a face to the score and a score to the face.

-Jeremy [iZombie]

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