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Midnight Movie - Soundtrack

Howlin' Wolf Records Presents:

Midnight Movie
a film by Jack Messitt

Composed By: Penka Kouneva
Released in 2010
Limited Edition: 1000
Available: Howlin' Wolf Records

I am a fan of this film from Jack Messitt and really have become a huge follower of Penka Kouneva, she is a great talent. I think of the work she has done from this score to all of her projects/works and think how can such a nice wonderful woman scare me so much. It could be the time of the day, I found myself jumping a little at key moments. Now you can take my word for it and believe me for examples "First Kill" or "Josh Fights The Killer" are some great tracks. Wall Crumpler I am glad you were able to bring this score to the surface, of course with the help of all your minions.

-Jeremy [iZombie]

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youngelfman said...

iZombie - Thank you for bringing us all of the great interviews and the latest scoop on so much that is interesting and cool. I am with you in appreciation for the talents of composer Penka Kouneva! Another standout track is the opening track Darkness And Fear.