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Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut!

 Knock... Knock... Someone is at the Door...
Oh No, I think I have been "Midnight Movie'd"... the darkness is closing in and and it's starting to spin... maybe a nice glass of cold lemonade.

Truth be told, I am truly excited to let you all know that a re-cut of the film "Midnight Movie" is coming this June called "Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut". Jack Messitt got the opportunity to re-work this movie, to make it more flowing in story, look and feel. I will tell you more about later this month, but I really wanted to talk more about the interviews that many of the cast were able to [so kindly] submit.  Also an updated interview with Director Jack Messitt and Film Composer Penka Kouneva, well okay they took part in my "21 Questions" as I am sure you all have read over the last month.

So I am happy to be able to bring all this to you my loyal readers, friends and followers... so please look below and look deeper into the "Midnight Movie" as I have.

Jeremy [iZombie]


Sharon Day said...

Fantastic! Can't wait!

youngelfman said...

iZombie - Thanks for going further and digging deeper than the norm. The 21 Questions concept is very cool and fun to read!

youngelfman said...

LOVE the new 2vs8 banner!