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Lakeshore Records: "THE COVER VERSIONS" Music by Raney Shockne

On the eve of their biggest gig ever, the four members of synth-rock band Starfoxy throw a rager that ends with a fan mysteriously dead in the pool. When the police interrogate the eccentric rockers, each one recounts very different stories in this clever murder mystery.

Track Listing:
01. Castles – Starfoxy
02. Seasons (Spring): I. Allegro (Antonio Vivaldi) – Raney Shockne
03. Starfoxy Arrives – Raney Shockne
04. This Place Makes Me Want To Kill - Jackie
05. Snow Blind – Chrysler
06. Seasons (Summer): III. Presto (Antonio Vivaldi) – Raney Shockne
07. Red Light - Sebastian Robertson & Daniel Davies
08. Roshomon Homecoming – Raney Shockne and Derek Whitacre
09. Incorrect -  8 Bit Circuit Bent
10. This Place Makes Me Want To Kill - Kirk
11. Stars In Black Sky part 1 – Raney Shockne
12. Stars In Black Sky part 2 – Raney Shockne
13. Seasons (Autumn): III. Allegro II (Antonio Vivaldi) – Raney Shockne
14. Roshomon Homecoming part 2 – Raney Shockne
15. The Corruption of Ravers – Raney Shockne and Damian Valentine Mayek
16. The Drug of Choice – Raney Shockne
17. Roofie Takes Hold – Raney Shockne
18. Seasons (Winter): I. Allegro non Molto (Antonio Vivaldi) – Raney Shockne
19. Rebel Shake - Jack Bootlegger
20. Blind Ambition – Raney Shockne
21. Hollywood Knives – John Velghe & The Prodigal Sons
22. Fall of the Queen – Raney Shockne
23. Who Made the Dark – Raney Shockne
24. Castles (Original Version) - Maxie Dean
25. This Place Makes Me Want To Kill (Original Version) - The Irish Goodbye

Yeah... I don't know, either... :)
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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