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Note For Note: "DOWNRANGE" Music by Aldo Shllaku

DOWNRANGE The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be available upon its digital release on April 27th. The album features the movie’s powerful original score by Aldo Shllaku. DOWNRANGE is the second collaboration between director Ryuhei Kitamura and composer Aldo Shllaku and was an official selection at the Toronto INTERNATIONAL Film Festival.  The film will be released on the premium video streaming service Shudder on April 26, 2018.

“For the melodic material a serial system was conceived with a 7 note series derived from DOWNRANGE, the title of the film.  The director and the cast was used in vocally performing letters and other interpretations of the title of the film.  This recorded material was then the source in creating additional soundscapes and other sound design effects used in the score as part of the texture and ambiance.  Weapons from the film were used as percussive instruments part of the rhythm section.  A percussive sound library was created by recording and hitting the weapons with everything imaginable, from mallets, brushes, drum stick, metal rods, etc,” says Aldo Shllaku of the score.  Hear the percussive elements in full display in the cue, “Downrange” during the End Credits of the film.

About Aldo Shllaku: is a classically-trained film and TV composer based in Los Angeles, CA.  Growing up in an artistic family, Aldo underwent a rigorous music education starting at a young age - both with classical training as well as through an exposure to the rich sounds at the crossroads

of Balkan culture in his native Albania.  Aldo left Albania in pursuit of a better future: first to Greece and then Canada.   Making his home in Montreal - where he studied music composition at Université de Montréal under the mentorship and guidance of Dr. Michel Longtin - he was part of the exclusive Domaine Forget International Music Academy, where he studied ‘new music’ composition.  Aldo then went on to complete his post-graduate studies at USC, where he participated in the ‘Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television’ program. Upon graduation, he worked for renowned film composer Christopher Young, contributing to such projects as “Spiderman 3,” “Miss Congeniality 2,”and “The Grudge.” An artist well-versed in a multitude of music languages, Aldo has an ability to intuit the musical core of the moving picture regardless of genre.  You can hear Aldo’s work in films and tv such as “Kill ‘Em All”, “Lupin the Third”, “David and Goliath”, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, ” and many more. Aldo has won five ‘Gold Medal for Excellence’ from the Park City Film Music Festival and a “Best Original Song” award from the Manhattan Film Festival.  An amalgam of the traditional and modern, Aldo's music been aptly described as "evocative," "sophisticated," and "poignant and ultimately satisfying.” When not in his music studio, you will find Aldo sailing in the magnificent Southern California waters.

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