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Intrada: "HARPER" Music by Johnny Mandel

The 1966 Warner Bros. film Harper features a Johnny Mandel score that original LP liner note writer Stan Cornyn describes as unlike any other he has composed in his notable career. Mandel wrote music to "play whenever you didn’t expect it, and to be quiet whenever everybody expects music." The resulting moods capture the feeling of the times and the film, with novel sound mixtures (Novachord and woodwinds), funky uneducated background (an electric guitar), and a range of sounds from bossa nova to a Hammond organ waltz to a “Tijuana Brass."

This is the premiere CD release of the soundtrack album to Harper, originally issued on the Mainstream label at the time of the film’s release in 1966. As with Intrada's previous titles from the dynamic Time, Mainstream and Ava Records catalogs, Intrada presents this stylish Johnny Mandel soundtrack from the first-generation session mixes used to master and manufacture the original vinyl records.  The masters made for Harper were recorded and mixed by Dan Wallin and originally mastered by Mainstream’s engineer Gene Thompson. As such, this Intrada CD features crisp, punchy stereo audio with great instrumental detail and dynamic range.

Harper was the first produced screenplay by author William Goldman, who would go on to write such hits as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All the President’s Men and The Princess Bride (the latter based on his own book). It is a tale of corruption, greed and murder. After a wealthy woman realizes her husband is missing, she hires Archer to find him. He discovers that the man was kidnapped, and in the process uncovers an unrelated crime and a few secret relationships.

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