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Midnight Releasing: "THE GRAVE CALLER" and "EVOLUTION OF EVIL"

The Grave Caller... Traveling to the mountains of West Virginia, author Sam Talbot is certain his next hit book lies within the pages of his deceased uncles diary. As he begins his research, the ghosts of choices made in the past begin to take shape all around him.

Evolution Of Evil... is the story of Lori and Christopher, a Pacific Northwest couple wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city into the wilderness. The couple makes their way past the usual campsites, and backpack into the remote Mt. Hood Wilderness area.
Independent films, with big heart... pretty graphic stories, following the same style of traveling in the backwoods... only to find "they are not alone". Go ahead... click on the trailers, if you dare... yes I dared you! []

Jeremy [Six Strings]

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