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Lakeshore Records: "THE NEWSPAPERMAN: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF BEN BRADLEE" Music by Gary Lionelli

Sometimes referred to as the country’s “most dangerous editor,” Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee was largely credited with taking down President Richard Nixon in 1974 after the Post broke the Watergate story, exposing the largest political scandal in American history.  Told primarily in his own words, The Newspaperman: The Life and Times of Ben Bradlee is an intimate portrait of this formidable man, tracing his remarkable ascent from a young Boston boy stricken with polio to the one of the most pioneering and consequential journalistic figures of the 20th century.

ABOUT GARY LIONELLI: Three-time Emmy-winning composer Gary Lionelli received a 2017 Primetime Emmy Nomination for his epic score for the 2017 Academy Award winning film "O.J.: Made in America," directed by Ezra Edelman. Gary Lionelli's intensely dramatic melodies and textures set the perfect tone for this haunting saga, depicting the rise and fall of O.J. Simpson from football legend to murder suspect.

In addition to "O.J.: Made in America," Gary Lionelli has captured the attention of the film and television industry with his unforgettable compositions for director Rory Kennedy's 2015 Academy Award nominated film "Last Days in Vietnam" and HBO's dramatic series "LUCK," helmed by Michael Mann and David Milch and starring Dustin Hoffman.

In addition to working with live orchestra, Lionelli performs on his scores with a large variety of acoustic instruments he has in his collection--from a grand piano, marimba, harp, vibraphone, cello, violin, guitars, and percussion, to some very odd instruments such as the Array Mbira, a GuitarViol, a Guitaret, a keyboard blown flute, a cumbus, hang drums, and many more. Lionelli likes to use these real instruments almost exclusively over digitally generated electronic samples played on a keyboard.
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