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Varese Sarabande: "The Old Man & The Gun" Music by Daniel Hart

The Old Man & The Gun marks the final film role for legendary star Robert Redford. Also stars Casey Affleck, Sissy Spacek, Elisabeth Moss and Tom Waits. The score was composed by Daniel Hart, a violinist who played with St. Vincent and Broken Social Scene before scoring such films as Pete’s Dragon and A Ghost Story. The soundtrack also includes three stand out classic and folk-rock songs from The Kinks, Scott Walker and Jackson C. Frank.
Daniel Hart is a performer and composer from Dallas, Texas.

Daniel Hart is a performer and composer from Dallas, Texas... He has toured and recorded with bands like St. Vincent, The Polyphonic Spree, Broken Social Scene, Other Lives, and countless others.... For the past five years, Hart has been composing music for film and TV. His feature film debut, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, garnered him critical praise, and Filmmaker Magazine named him one of 2013’s 25 Faces of Independent Film. Hart has scored a dozen feature films over the last four years, including Disney’s Pete’s Dragon and the Natalie Portman-produced documentary Eating Animals. He also composed the music for Showtime's SMILF and Fox’s TV show The Exorcist.

Hart is a violinist by training. The son of professional church musicians, he began taking violin lessons at age 3, and he continues to play the violin as much as possible. []
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