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Screamworks Records: "THE TOYBOX Music by Holly Amber Church

Coinciding with the film’s general release on 18 September 2018, ScreamWorks Records once again teams up with Holly Amber Church (The Devil’s Dolls, Ruin Me) with the composer’s next terrifying project, The Toybox. Directed by Tom Nagel, written by Jeff Denton and produced by Tom Nagel, Jeff Denton, Brian Nagel and Jeff Miller, the film follows the journey of a cursed RV that ends up lost in the middle of the desert. With passengers including Denise Richards and Mischa Barton, the trip that was meant to bring together a dysfunctional family may be the last trip this group is ever going to take.

“The Toybox is my second feature collaboration with director Tom Nagel and I was thrilled to be a part of this film!“ recalls composer Holly Amber Church about the project. “This score combines atmospheric textures, cinematic orchestral elements and some old-school 80s synths to capture the feel, characters and emotions of the film. The Toybox is filled with a lot of intense action and suspense, some very creepy, unnerving moments and some heart-wrenching emotional scenes so I really got to write a great balance of music for this film. I hope that listeners will enjoy the soundtrack and the film!”

Holly Amber Church has scored many films including the gritty score for Padraig Reynolds’ crime thriller/horror feature Rites of Spring, and the orchestral thematic score for his supernatural thriller The Devil's Dolls, both which were released by IFC Midnight with Screamworks Records releasing the official soundtracks. Her latest score released with ScreamWorks Records, Ruin Me was nominated for Best Original Score at the Women in Horror Film Festival in 2017. Holly’s other current projects include the inspiring biopic Butterfly in the Typewriter with director David DuBos and the psychological thriller Open 24 Hours with Padraig Reynolds. []

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