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Lakeshore Records: "DUCK DUCK GOOSE" Music by Mark Isham

Lakeshore Records pleased to announce the release of DUCK DUCK GOOSE – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on Digital Download on September 28, 2018. The Album features original music by Emmy-nominated, Grammy-winning Composer Mark Isham (THE BLACK DAHLIA, ONCE UPON A TIME).

As the annual migration of his flock nears, carefree bachelor goose Peng (Jim Gaffigan) is off attempting one crazy stunt after another. One such stunt scatters a flock of ducks, separating brother Chao (Lance Lim) and sister Chi (Zendaya) ducklings from their family. After Peng allows his own flock to leave and than breaks his wing, Peng joins Chao and Chi on a journey that will teach Peng the power of unconditional love as the three grow into a family.

Since his first score for Disney’s critically acclaimed film NEVER CRY WOLF, Mark Isham has consistently demonstrated his diverse musical voice. With over one-hundred film and TV scores including BLADE, THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES, A RIVER RUNS THOUGH IT and the Jackie Robinson biopic 42, Mark continues a career as an established performer and recording artist. Winning a Grammy for his Virgin Records release, Mark Isham and Grammy nominations for his albums Castalia and Tibet. He has collaborated and performed with jazz legends including Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and Bobby McFerrin. Mark Isham’s jazz releases have received critical-acclaim:  Blue Sun was included in Downbeat’s “Top 100 Jazz Albums of the Decade;” and The London Times named Miles Remembered: The Silent Way Project “Best Jazz Album.?

Currently, in addition to scoring the final season of ABC’s hit series ONCE UPON A TIME, Mark also scores CLOAK & DAGGER for the small screen. THE SAME SKY and BOLDEN are slated with Mark’s distinct sound in 2018. []
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