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Lakeshore Records: "306 HOLLYWOOD" Music by Troy Herion

This touching, visually stunning, and genre breaking film, directed by sister-brother artists and filmmakers Elan and Jonathan Bogarín, was the opening night film of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival’s NEXT section (and the first documentary ever to be selected for the program).

When siblings Elan and Jonathan Bogarin undertake an archeological excavation of their late grandmother’s house, they embark on a magical-realist journey in search of what life remains in the objects we leave behind. 306 HOLLYWOOD transforms the dusty fragments of an unassuming life into an epic metaphor for the nature of memory, time, and history.

“We wanted to create a heightened world, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. So we went all in with the film score – treating the music as a full character in a way that shapes the film far more than a typical documentary. Troy’s magical realist film score brings out the wonder and mystery behind our everyday reality.” – Elan Bogarin, director.

The Bogarins embark from Grandma’s cluttered New Jersey home to ancient Rome, traversing worlds from fashion to physics in the excavation of the extraordinary universe contained in a single house. With help of scientists, curators, and archivists, tchotchkes become artifacts in the profound exploration of the question: When a loved one dies, what should we do with everything they left behind?

”The film explores the objects left behind after a loved one dies. Each object is a portal into the emotions of the past – and there is a sense of time travel. The music also travels through the decades -the chic optimism of the 60s, the hip drum beats of the 70s, and then there are overarching themes of surrealism and bittersweet reminiscence.” – Troy Herion, composer

“306 Hollywood was a unique collaboration where I not only scored the film, I am also one of the editors. Having the freedom to cut a scene while writing music allows for deep interconnections between the music, images, and rhythm of the film. I take the view that the film as a whole is musical.” – Troy Herion, composer

Troy Herion is a composer and filmmaker whose versatile compositions range from classical and avant-garde orchestral music to intricate and melodic electronic scores. With classical training from the Princeton University PhD program, Herion’s commissions include a Carnegie Hall debut with the American Composers Orchestra, an orchestral ballet with The Pennsylvania Ballet, and a large-scale experimental theater piece with Obie-winning Pig Iron Theatre and the Grammy-winning Crossing Choir.

Recent film scores by Troy Herion include award-winning films 306 Hollywood, The Dog, Mountain Fire Personnel, and You Can Go which have screened at Sundance, Toronto, SXSW, MoMA, and Tribeca Film Festival. Herion composes and directs visual-music films including Baroque Suite and New York: A City Symphony which have been called “marvelous” by New Yorker music critic Alex Ross and were featured on MTV, the New York Times, and NPR. His scores grace digital content for Google, The Whitney Museum, MoMA, The Getty, and many others.

Elan Bogarin & Jonathan Bogarin present 306 HOLLYWOOD in theaters now. 306 HOLLYWOOD opened in New York on Friday, September 28 at the Quad Cinema and continues with a national rollout with a San Francisco premiere this Friday, October 5, 2018. Find your nearest screening and panel at 306 HOLLYWOOD Events. []
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