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Black Gold [2012] - James Horner

Black Gold
Available: February 13th
Released By: Varese Sarabande
Composer: James Horner

Info: Under the unforgiving desert sky, two warring leaders come face to face.
   The victorious Nesib, Emir of Hobeika, lays down his peace terms to his rival Amar, Sultan of Salmaah. The two men agree that neither can lay claim to the area of no man’s land between them called The Yellow Belt. In return, Nesib will adopt Amar’s two boys Saleeh and Auda as a guarantee that neither man can invade the other.
   Twelve years later, Saleeh and Auda have grown into young men. Saleeh, the warrior, itches to escape his gilded cage and return to his father’s land. Auda cares only for books and the pursuit of knowledge. One day, their adopted father Nesib is visited by an American from Texas. He tells the Emir that his land is blessed with oil and promises him riches beyond his wildest imagination.
   Nesib imagines a realm of infinite possibility, a kingdom with roads, schools and hospitals all paid for by the black gold beneath the barren sand. There is only one problem. The precious oil is located in the Yellow Belt.   
   The stage is now set for an epic showdown for control of the Yellow Belt, for control of the two kingdoms, for control of the future.

01. Main Title — A Desert Truce (6:34)
02. Horizon To Horizon (3:59)
03. The Wonders Of Wealth (1:49)
04. “I Have Chosen You” (3:22)
05. “You Were A Prince” (1:47)
06. Leaving As An Emissary (5:19)
07. Father And Son (1:50)
08. Phantom Army (1:48)
09. “So This Is War” (1:56)
10. The Blowing Sands (4:27)
11. Fresh Water (1:51)
12. One Brother Lives, One Brother Dies (6:44)
13. Battle In The Oil Fields (5:13)
14. A Kingdom Of Oil (8:43)

So there is not much more that can be said about James Horner or about his body of work, though let's focus on this latest release "Black Gold". I find that this is very moving and sweeping across the desert, yet Horner captures more than a dramatic score... he makes us feel we are there. Now if you listen to scores, you have a certain way you listen to the music or try to escape within that music. I always try to transport myself away from my normal life and here James Horner achieves this.

-Jeremy [Two Thumbs]


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