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Transformers: Prime (TV) [2012] - Brian Tyler

Transformers Prime (TV) [2012]
Available: March 6, 2012
Released By: Lakeshore Records
Composer: Brian Tyler

Based on the iconic TRANSFORMERS brand from Hasbro, ‘Roll Out’ with all-new Transformers Prime adventures starring OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, ARCEE, and the rest of the heroic AUTOBOTS as they battle the evil DECEPTICONS! Now that big bad MEGATRON has returned to Earth, OPTIMUS PRIME and his team prepare for an epic struggle to save the planet. Meanwhile, the AUTOBOTS have to also guard Jack, Miko, and Raf, three kids who've accidentally discovered them. Intense drama, heavy metal action, awesome animation -- it's all here, bigger and better than ever!   

01. Transformers Prime
02. Optimus Prime Returns
03. One Shall Rise
04. Dreadwing
05. In Defense of Humanity
06. We Have Returned
07. Relentless Pursuit
08. This is Your Home Now
09. Autobot Stratagum
10. Battle in the Energon Mine
11. Proximity Sensors
12. Cutting It a Bit Close
13. The Cons Are Back
14. RC on the Move
15. Always Welcome
16. Arachnid
17. The Space Bridge
18. Dogfight
19. Bumblebee
20. Next Day after School
21. Cybertron
22. Megatron on the Move
23. The Construct
24. Prime Finale
25. Transformers Prime End Title

Jealous, I know you are because if you are a fan of Brian Tyler, then you know I am excited about this release. Not to mentions it's "Transformers: Prime" cartoon adaptation of something you also now I like, okay I love his style... so I am going to give this a great review. Do I need to go or really tell how much this score rocks, it has all the elements to be a separate part to the show, but combined with it... it makes the show move along ever so epically.
-Jeremy [Two Thumbs]


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