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Chemical Burn Entertainment: Three New Releases

Chemical Burn Entertainment Presents:

Bane - Four women awake in an underground cell with amnesia. The women soon discover that they are part of an experiment with no obvious purpose. They are visited, one by one, by the SURGEON who cuts a four digit number into each woman's skin...the exact time he will return to kill them. Each woman must quickly piece together the dark secret behind the gruesome experiment and somehow survive the Surgeon's nightly visits of pain, torture and grisly murder. Is there any way to escape? What is the purpose of the experiment? And who or what is screaming every time the lights go out? Be prepared for a shocking ending that will leave you breathless! Best Feature Film at the LA Shriekfest Film Festival

Dark Watchers: The Women In Black - Across the globe people are losing time, friends and loved ones disappear, while the Men in Blackare perpetually lurking in the background. In a sleepy seaside village, three women search the skies for a sighting of a UFO that is repeatedly haunting the area. Coming face to face with the unknown, they begin to realize that they have been profoundly affected by their encounter. Beware The Dark Watchers.

Lady of the Dark: Genesis of the Serpent Vampire - The old legends tell of serpents giving the seed of knowledge to mankind. As time passed, religions emerged around the world that revered and worshiped it above all else. This knowledge was so great and powerful that it was eventually forced underground and replaced with the cross by ruling factions who sought to destroy all those deemed serpent worshipers. But there was a secret prophecy hidden and protected by an elite few. An old parchment battered and worn over time, was kept safe through the ages. It claimed that one day the genesis of the serpent would begin again, because the seed of the serpent cannot die and will be re-born. Eve, an unsuspecting married woman, is selected for the re-birth and transformed into The Lady of the Dark - emerging as a ravenous, instinctual killer who shows no mercy. 

My Thoughts: Okay I love films, but two of these films are just like if you have a film camera... doesn't mean you should and I mean that respectfully. Come on if I wanted to spend time watching a film with naked ladies in a bathtub, I would not be watching these [respectfully, I would use the fast forward]. Now I did say there was one descent one in the group and I cannot really tell you that you would enjoy it, but I did. I get that some of you film makers are or want to be an artist with your work, you don't need an hour and a half telling your story... and just because your title is longer than my arm, does not help the story out either. Okay that was a big hint on you all reading between the lines.
-Jeremy [Two Thumbs]

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