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Varese Sarabande: Copperhead [2013] - Laurent Eyquem

Copperhead [2013]
Music by Laurent Eyquem
Release Date: 07/09/13


Based on the extraordinary novel by Harold Frederic, who witnessed these conflicts firsthand as a small child, Copperhead tells the story of Abner Beech, a stubborn and righteous farmer of Upstate New York, who defies his neighbors and his government in the bloody and contentious autumn of 1862.

Copperhead is the great untold Civil War story. Far from the Virginia battlefields whose names etch our history, the war of Copperhead visits the devastation and unimaginable loss of a civil war upon a family and a community whose strength and very existence are tested by fire, rope, knife, and betrayal. This is the Civil War come home. 

5/5 I found myself quickly loving this with it's subtle sound-scape that brings each piece together, I am not familiar with this composer... I think this is a great step to his introduction.
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


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