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KeepMoving Records: Badland - Ludek Drizhal

Music by: Ludek Drizhal

Limited Edition of 500 copies


Directed by Francesco Lucente, Badland tells the story of Jerry Rice, a Marine reservist who used to fight in the first Gulf War when he was still just a young, somewhat idealistic patriot. When he is called back to serve in Afghanistan and Iraq, Jerry is reluctant to go because he is a father now, but he has no choice. Much older and embittered by life, Jerry returns home as a changed man who has been transformed by the horrors he has seen. He live in great poverty, his family is afraid of his uncontrollable outbursts of rage, but his wife Nora remains unsympathetic towards Jerry’s frequent nosebleeds and sudden night terrors. When the hardened war veteran realizes that Nora has betrayed him, his despair drives him to commit a heinous crime while taking his daughter, Celina with him…

Second release from our friends around the globe... another one to look forward to our collection.
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]

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