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The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo - also known as C2E2 - is a convention spanning the latest and greatest from the worlds of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. Bringing the best of popular culture to Downtown Chicago, C2E2’s show floor is packed with hundreds of exhibitors, panels and autograph sessions giving fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators and screening rooms featuring sneak peeks at films and television shows months before they hit either the big or small screen!  

For More information: C2E2 [HERE]

Sadly I was not able to go due to an unforeseen issues and I am not aloud to drive until the end of the month. If you had gone I hope you had a great time and that time was well spent.... maybe next year. I wanted to thank the C2E2 staff for all their help this year, I most likely won't have the chance to cover this again... thank you guys for understanding.
Jeremy [HWR:OLM]

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