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The Dark Side of Venus: Indiegogo Project

IT'S ABOUT A troubled stripper named Venus, whose quiet life is upended when Brian -  the love of her life - Breaks up with her… and now Venus, disturbed to begin with, starts a downward spiral into maddening psychosis. BUT… THERE'S A TWIST. And we don't want to give it away by outlining the entire plot of our film… Find Out More:

WE PROMISE A VERY SEXY, GROUNDED, CHARACTER-DRIVEN, TWISTED TALE!!! But at our story's core, and what will set this film apart from standard genre fare, is a deeply human story about the pain of heartbreak. A Love Tragedy. We promise escape.  THE DARK SIDE OF VENUS will not only be that escape, it’ll be a ride – always surprising, always thrilling, and always shockingly psychotic in the best of ways.

After the successes of his short films, Jon parlayed his talent into his first feature film JACK BROOKS:MONSTER SLAYER starring Robert Englund (the infamous Freddy Krueger from  A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET). The film gained considerable attention throughout the festival circuit and received rave reviews. The film screened at the 2008 Slamdance film festival and subsequently sold to Anchor Bay. His second feature, THE SHRINE, premiered at the 2010 FanTasia Int'l Film Festival and won the Audience Award for Best Canadian Feature. Shortly after, the film was purchased by IFC and is currently streaming on NETFLIX.

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