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Interview with Composer... ROLFE KENT

It's an honor to chat with the fun and great composer "Rolfe Kent", want to really thank him for the time... really thank you!
Jeremy [HWR:OLM]

HWR:OLM: Tell us about your current project "Bad Words" and how did you become involved in it?

ROLFE KENT: I met Jason Bateman at the Toronto premiere of UP IN THE AIR, we noticed we had the same tattoo, and we got on really well. He's an actor that I have long admired, and a year later suddenly I hear that he's about to make a film and would like to meet to discuss it. So we met at his office at Universal Studios and talked about what he might like to do, and he was keen on clarinet as a sound of the film as it has such character, whereas I argued that the sackbut or quorm had more flavour, and it became a screaming match, and there were tears. So that's how it began, and he got me thinking about woodwind for the basis of a score.

HWR:OLM: With a mix of projects that have a light-hearted theme,how do you find to switch gears with ones that are strong serious overtones?

ROLFE KENT: Actually serious films are much simpler; god I envy those that just get moody dramas the whole time. The hard part is switching gears to the lighter work as it tends to be much more sophisticated, and the music has to trace a very fine line- much finer than in serious drama. Serious and dramatic music comes very easily, an intuitive and emotional response often leads the way- you feel the emotion and find the music that accompanies it; while comedy is always puzzle solving, very, very mental.

HWR:OLM: What is a typical day for you, how does it start?

ROLFE KENT: After my jumping meditation I go to my workshop deep in a dormant volcano; the room is tuned to reverberate at a pitch that makes your knees wobble. The room is lined with a perplexing array of instruments, most of which probably don't exist. I then throw a squash ball as hard as I can, and whatever is the 3rd instrument it hits is the one I start with that day. This is always a bad idea, as it's almost always the quorm, but it gets me in the mood to do something else.

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