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MovieScore Media: "THE SPY WHO FELL TO EARTH" music by Robin Schlochtermeier

MovieScore Media’s latest release in the genre of documentaries is The Spy Who Fell to Earth with music by composer Robin Schlochtermeier. Written and directed by Tom Meadmore, the Netflix documentary deals with one of the lesser-known chapters of the Middle-Eastern conflict as political commentator / historia Ahron “Ronnie” Bregman gets more deeply invested in the search for a mysterious Egyptian spy, whose secrets slowly consume him until the whole plot unravels with tragic consequences. The Spy Who Fell to Earth is more engaging than most Hollywood spy thrillers - with the added bonus of being a true story that’s still in the making to some degree.

“The score for The Spy Who Fell to Earth was written first and foremost to help support the story elements of the documentary” explains Robin Schlochtermeier about the music. ”These include the conflict between Egypt and Israel, journalist Ronnie Bregman’s obsession with the enigmatic Egyptian spy Ashraf Marwan, Marwan himself, and the secret services. The director, Thomas Meadmore, also gets his own thoughtful and open-ended theme, as his line of questioning deepens into author Ronnie Bregman’s personal motivations. Musically the score draws on a rich tradition of espionage thrillers for its driving rhythms and unconventional time signatures. There are also some nods to Middle Eastern culture with some Darabuka and the Bendir drum rhythms. The score is quite action-packed for a documentary, with even a tense war scene underscore!”

Robin Schlochtermeier is an award-winning composer for film, television and commercials. He won the award for Best Music for his original score for the psychological thriller Retreat at the British Independent Film Festival. Retreat was also nominated in six other categories including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. He has also composed the music for award-winning broadcast documentaries, for the features Queens of Syria (Black Pearl Award, Abu Dhabi Film Festival), Oh No, Not Rudy Again! (EFM Cannes), and for Strings (British Independent Film Award).

The soundtrack has a digital release date of  May 31, 2019.  On the link below, you can view a video, featuring a suite from the score: []
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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