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Varèse Sarabande Records is pleased to announce its Record Store Day Black Friday 2020 titles: Village of the Damned: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2-LP set by John Carpenter & Dave Davies and the first-ever LP picture disc for The Goonies: Original Motion Picture Score by Dave Grusin. These special LP releases will be available on Black Friday, November 27, at participating Record Store Day retailers and are limited to 3,000 copies worldwide. Visit for details.
Village of the Damned Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2-LP Set):

The 1995 remake of Village of the Damned comes from influential horror director John Carpenter (The Fog, Halloween), who also co-scored the soundtrack with his friend Dave Davies of the British band The Kinks—a collaboration which made for a one-of-a-kind moment in cinematic music history. The Deluxe Edition LP presents the full score as heard in the film for the first time—a far more complete presentation than the 1995 original soundtrack, which was not only truncated, but made of an entirely separate mix that wasn’t featured in the film. The set does however include “Midwich Shuffle,” which was created specifically for the original soundtrack despite never actually appearing in the film. The album comes pressed on Orange Haze vinyl and includes all-new original art direction, classic film stills, and new liner notes by film music journalist Randall D. Larson.
Carpenter and Davies worked for five weeks to create and produce a score that merged electronic synthesizers with live instruments. Carpenter described their score as one of the most full, romantic scores he’d ever done. “My job as a composer is to support the drama, unify sequences, and heighten suspense,” he wrote in the previous album liner notes. “Together, Dave and I tried to bring emotional life to the story of a small town invaded by children with unusual powers and a total lack of humanity.”
In Village of the Damned, a strange phenomenon causes the townspeople of coastal Midwich to fall asleep for six hours. When they recover, ten of the town’s women are unaccountably pregnant. When the “blackout children” are born and grow, they demonstrate unusual intellect and possess psychic powers which they use to control the townsfolk. Being able to read people’s thoughts, they use their mind-control powers to eradicate those who pose a threat to their domination.  

The Goonies: Original Motion Picture Score (PICTURE DISC):

In celebration of the 35th anniversary of The Goonies, the beloved soundtrack by Dave Grusin will be released on an LP picture disc for the first time ever! The special release features the album cover on side A and the infamous One-Eyed Willie on side B. The track listing to this abbreviated single-disc version of the original score was personally selected and assembled by Grusin himself.
Dave Grusin is an incredibly prolific composer for soundtrack and jazz as well as being the founder of GRP records. His lasting musical imprint in film includes unbelievably memorable scores for The Graduate, On Golden Pond and Tootsie. In 1988, he won the Oscar® for best original score for The Milagro Beanfield War.
From the imagination of Steven Spielberg and propelled by Grusin’s score, The Goonies plunges a band of small heroes into a swashbuckling surprise-around-every-corner quest beyond their wildest dreams! Following a mysterious treasure map into a spectacular underground realm of twisting passages, outrageous booby-traps and a long-lost pirate ship full of golden doubloons, the kids race to stay one step ahead of a family of bumbling bad guys… and a mild-mannered monster with a face only a mother could love.  
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