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Wood Entertainment: "DARKNESS IN TENEMENT 45"

Wood Entertainment, in partnership with The Horror Collective, is proud to announce the November 3 digital/VOD release of the timely, pandemic-set, isolation horror/thriller DARKNESS IN TENEMENT 45 from writer/director Nicole Groton (“The Melting Family”). Wood Entertainment acquired worldwide rights to the film in March 2020 at the start of COVID 19 shutdowns in a deal negotiated by CEO Tara Wood, writer/director Groton as well as producers Crystal Collins and Simone Lapidus.The film will debut on all digital VOD platforms November 3, including: iTunes; Amazon; Vimeo, Xbox, Google Play; iNDEMAND; FandangoNOW, and more.

Arriving during the most pivotal election in US history, DARKNESS IN TENEMENT 45's themes of power, corruption, and generational divide also make it the perfect election horror film.The film had an unstoppable festival run, including screenings at Horrible Imaginings Film Festival (where it received runner-up for best Actress and best Screenplay), Big Apple Film Festival (where it received Best Feature Film), Sarasota Film Festival, Capital City Film Festival, Heartland Film Festival.

“I am so thrilled to be working alongside Wood Entertainment as we share our film Darkness in Tenement 45 with the world” said Groton. “This film was built on female collaboration and we're excited to continue that journey with Tara Wood and her team who have created a great space for women in film.”

Joanna has been living with her overbearing Aunt Martha, in a low-income NYC tenement building ever since a violent outburst left her fighting a force that she can only describe as the “darkness.” Little did she know that weeks after moving in, a biological threat from the Soviet Union would leave the building boarded up and the tenants locked inside. With food dwindling and Martha’s controversial role as leader expanding, Joanna rallies the children in an attempt to save the building. Tensions come to a violent head when Martha delves into Joanna’s past and Joanna struggles to keep the darkness from overtaking her entirely.

“I love thrillers of the 80’s and 90’s, Fatal Attraction, Sea of Love, Point of No Return, even Cujo” said Wood. “We are very much looking to acquire today’s female driven thrillers with women in front of and behind the camera. Darkness in Tenement 45, or DT45, is a perfect fit in our library."


Wood Entertainment is a worldwide distribution company. Its current releases, PRETENDING I'M A SUPERMAN: THE TONY HAWK VIDEO GAME STORY and QT8: THE FIRST EIGHT, the authorized Quentin Tarantino documentary, are both available now on all major digital platforms.
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